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Potty Training Pants & Pull-ups

...Just another word for diaper!

So what is a diaper? According to the dictionary, a diaper is an absorbent garment pulled up between the legs of an infant to catch their urine and bowel movements.

Pull-ups and training pants work the same as a diaper. They are both absorbent garments meant to catch urine or bowel movements if the child has an accident. If it looks like a diaper, acts like a diaper, then it must be a diaper!

When a parent starts potty training using my method, my number one rule is no diapers, pull-ups or training pants. These products create a false sense of security for the child and the parent.

When a child has been using a diaper for at least two years, he is used to the security of it and it's natural for them to soil in it. Being that pull-ups and training pants act like diapers, he feels that security as well while wearing them.

Diapers, pull-ups and training pants are also a temptation for the parent. When not using these products, it makes the parent more consistent about paying closer attention to the child's urination and bowel movement patterns.

So before you can start potty training, you should be ready to give up the diaper, pull-ups and training pants. The good news is that if you are willing to give these products up, your child will potty training quicker and more effectively.

With the potty training ebook from EasyPottyTraining.com, you will learn a guaranteed method and receive potty training tips so you can train your little one in three days or less.

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