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Pre-Potty Training Tips

Is your child is showing signs of readiness?

Are you thinking of beginning him on the path towards potty training?

But what about all those terrifying tales of toilet training gone wrong (which you've no doubt been hearing about)?

You're probably wondering if there's anything you can do to make the transition a little less stressful for both you and your child. The truth is, the process can be made easier by following these simple potty training tips.

  • Try to avoid using pull-ups. Although pull-ups are designed to make potty training easier, they can actually confuse your child by making them think they are a big boy/girl simply because they can pull them up and down themselves. The truth is they will still be able to have accidents in them - and it will be a lot more difficult for you to monitor when they are having an accident than if they were wearing in underwear.
  • Wean your child off having a drink before bedtime. This will make it easier to start the rule of not allowing your child to consume liquids two hours before bedtime once you begin potty training.
  • If you're used to making a joke of your child's poopy diaper, you may want to consider stopping your reactions altogether. If your child thinks having a poopy diaper is funny, they may want to keep having accidents in their diaper with the intention of amusing you.
  • Take your child to the bathroom with you. Don't be shy about letting your child see what it's like for a grown up to use the toilet. Talk to your child during the process and let her flush the toilet if she is curious. Otherwise she can simply watch and listen. And while it is important for children to be exposed to the toilet regardless, it is best if they can see how a member of their same sex uses it. That way boys and girls can learn the particular ways in which they should be going potty.
  • Avoid forcing your child to sit on the potty. While you may think that telling him to simply sit on the potty will be a good way to get them him to it, it's more likely that this will create a confusing scenario for your child. If he doesn't need to go, he may start see the potty as a form of punishment, which will definitely not help get him used to the idea later on.


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