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Potty Training Books

Written for the parent:
There are many books out there that cover potty training. They have books that specialize in potty training boys and others that specialize in potty training girls. You will also find many that have lots of generalized content that is meant to teach the parent on how to toilet train their little ones.

The problem with most of these books is that they are written by pediatricians, psychologists or publishing houses. Most of these pediatricians and psychologists don't have the true potty training experience necessary to potty train children fast and effectively.

I have true experience in potty training. I have potty trained my six kids and have had 8 foster kids three of which I have also potty trained. I have also successfully helped in potty training over 2100 other children. You can read some of the many success stories I get from moms and dads all over the world on the potty training success stories page.

Written for the child:
You will find that there are many books out there that have colorful pictures on potty training that are meant for your little one. These books show pictures of other children going potty and make it look fun.

These books are fine for introducing your little one to the idea of potty training, but they are not a good tool to teach potty training. Honestly, if you are truly wanting to potty train your little one quickly and effectively, these books will not help.

EasyPottyTraining.com offers a potty training guide that will effectively teach you the parent to potty training your little one quickly and effectively. You can be like many other parents that have potty trained in three days or less.

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