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Potty Training Readiness

There's no specific right age for toilet training. It's more a matter of knowing the readiness of the individual child. Some children may be ready at 2 years of age, others only much later. There is no right or wrong age for potty training, so instead of worrying your child is too old to still be in diapers, be on the watch for the signs that show your child is ready to potty train and let your child act as your guide.

Don't Rush it

Remember, if you start too soon, potty training will end up taking that much longer. In the long run, you save both time and energy, yours and your child's, by making sure that the time is right for potty training. Sure it will be great to be rid of the mess and expense of diapers, but that can only happen when the time is right.

You have to be ready, too. Don't take on the job of potty training your child while you're changing jobs, or about to give birth, for instance.

Here's how to check if your child is ready to potty train:

Look for signs your child is interested in the toilet, the potty, or in wearing underpants.

Is your child able to understand and follow simple directions?

Is your child capable of asking you simple questions?

Has your child ever awoken from her nap with a dry diaper?

Does your child sometimes stay dry for a two hour stretch?

Are your child's bowel movements on a predictable schedule?

Does your child tell you when she's going to have a bowel movement?

Does your child seem uncomfortable in wet or dirty diapers?

Is your child able to pull her pants down and back up again?

If you answer yes to a lot of these questions, it sounds like your child may just be ready to get started potty training. If you had more no's, it's best to wait a bit, perhaps a few months, and then reassess your child's readiness for potty training.

Sense of Humor

Above all, remember to keep a sense of humor about the process. Enjoy your child's individuality, and don't feel pressured to keep to someone else's timetable. Wet and dirty, or clean and dry, your child is someone to love and admire.


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